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Expand your line of products in addition to your existing key cutting services.

Minute Fob Partnerships 

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Use our technology to duplicate condo and apartment key fobs for your existing key cutting business. If you cut metal keys, we can copy electronic fobs for you.


Become our partner locksmith / key cutting shop and expand your product line / services. Offer your very own key fob copying service at your location to complement standard key cutting.

We offer a low maintenance partnership to allow you to focus on your regular day-to-day business. We'll offer the hardware, software, and supply of key fobs to copy, and we will work on a consignment or minimum order basis for key fob inventory.


  • 10 free blank key fobs as a bonus incentive to sign up

  • 20 fob minimum purchase per order

  •  Consulting + technical support throughout our partnership to ensure seamless service offering to your current customers

  • Must operate a key cutting service to qualify

Expand your services

Add standard key fob copying services to your metal key cutting business to give your customers the most value and convenience, at an affordable price. Lowest prices in Toronto!

No Extra Work

We provide professionally designed hardware and software to copy condo and apartment RFID Keys onto a new fob copy. We'll provide consulting and ensure all customers are satisfied, and keep developing products.

"The services were great and extremely fast! No problems with the fobs it all works great."


"Top notch service from the staff here. The entire process was seamless from beginning to end. Prices are reasonable, process was very fast, and very convenient. Highly recommended!."


"Excellent service. The guys here we're very helpful in getting my fobs made fast. Definitely recommending this place to my friends."


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Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto

47 Charles St W Bay Charles Yorkville

North York Location

North York Location

120 Harrison Garden Blvd North York

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver based key fob and remote copying service in BC

Partnership Application

Contact our team to become a fob copying partner. Must have an existing key duplication business with physical address in order to qualify.