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Everything you need to know about your fob and keys, including: How Fobs Work, How RFID Works, Code, and more! Get the best resources for all of your key duplication needs. Give your customers the convenience of copying your keys with your electronic keys at the same time. Gone are the days when you have to copy your apartment keys separately. Now you can locate your closest locksmith fob copying partner to duplicate your metal keys + electronic keys in just 2-minutes.

We are partnering up with locksmiths in your area to give you the best services and offerings in your city. Get your key fob copied where you cut your keys! We offer an amazing solution for future key duplication services. Our partnership benefits your customers and our goal is to make key duplication easy.

Add your business to our RFID Key Duplication Partnership. Email us to become a fob copying partner at your own store!

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We are growing rapidly in your city. Be one of our first partners today and start copying fob and keys for less!

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