How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Canada

Purchase cryptocurrency the easiest way using trusted exchanges as many Canadian banks make it difficult to do so. After purchasing, you can even pay with crypto for key blanks, key fob remotes, and more!

Cryptocurrency purchase process

It's Not Easy to Buy Crypto in Canada, but We Can Help Guide You.

Use BitBuy

You can sign up using our QR code to get an account, and purchase crypto through an e-transfer from your Canadian bank.

Get Approved

Provide Canadian government ID, SIN, and more to register under KYC for creating a BitBuy account. 

Earn Interest (Nexo)

You can purchase your crypto and send to your Nexo account that you create to earn interest on your funds. Even convert your current ones to other ones not supported by BitBuy.

Pay for Key Fob Copying Using Crypto

You can request to pay in Crypto if you email, and the specific product you'd like to order from the Shop page, and we will mark the invoice as paid when sent to our XRP wallet address, and ship out the key fob product to your shipping address within 1-2 business days. 

Our Features

Check Out Our Step by Step Video on How to Buy Crypto

If any questions please ask us but we'll try our best to help make the process easier! We've included 1:30 minute long video and an infographic to the general public get educated on how to purchase cryptocurrency given the Canadian financial limitations. 

Still Confused? Unclear?

Infographic Version of the Process To Keep for Reference

Download for Reference

You can always take a look at this quick infographic to see how you can purchase more whenever you need to, without checking different ways to buy which may not work as well

Simplify for Ease of Use

Don't get confused on how you can understand the steps on buying on different exchanges that aren't supported in Canada, and keep the best process in mind that works seamlessly.

Increase Financial Awareness

By streamlining the process of buying cryptocurrency and make it more available for your financial strategy.

How to Buy Crypto in Canada

Buy Crypto This Week!

Earn more on your funds and start earning interest. Make the process easier to get crypto in Canada using our resources, and let us know if you have any questions.