Incompatible Remotes

 This remote is incompatible for remote duplication, but we can make a new key fob copy from any remote fob for tap access. 

Liftmaster Garage Remote Key Fob

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Incompatible Remote Below

You've chosen one of these remotes and we can copy the TAP portion on the back of it (if applicable), and can only copy the main door and elevator (and possibly amenities) access only. Not the garage parking button portion. Incompatible fobs qualify for our standard 1-minute Key Fob Copying Services.

Key Fob Copying for the Tap (Lobby) Access

Why Minute Fob?

85+ Models Supported

This includes, HID, AWID, Indala, IoProx, KeyScan, etc.

Free Backup Code

In case you lose your fob, you can always make extra fobs with the code.

Remote Copying Partnership

We can copy from the back of it, or copy the remote through FobToronto / FobCouver.

High Frequency Fobs

MiFare, iClass, Remote Duplication at higher prices ($30 applies to lower frequency)


100% Accuracy

We decode every digit and copy the code into our fob for perfect functionality.

Lifetime Warranty

Any issues? Contact us. Code changes or physical damages excepted.

Next Steps?


Please send us a picture of your fob key this week and we will answer you same day to see what we can do. We are continually developing new systems and we will help meet your needs for accessing your building for friends, family, and guests.

Curious about fob copying?

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does RFID Work?

Any questions about how RFID works as well please let us know, we’ll be happy to answer anything you’d like, or visit our blog article to learn more.


Will it Work?

Yes, lifetime warranty covers it except code changes by management or physical damage shown on the fob. If we messed up however, we'll replace / refund right away. 

How Much Do You Charge?

$40-$60 each depends on the reseller that we work with nearest you. Please call them at their number to inquire! 

Are You a Key cutting business?

Expand Your Business by Copying Key Fobs.

Partner with us and we'll work together to expand your offering with all the above fob models to your current customers and beyond. 

80+ Key Fob Models Supported

24/7 Support to Ensure Afterservice Needs Met

8+ Years Experience in Fob Duplication

Bonus Offering initially upon partnership

Ready to Go?

Let's get your key fob copied using our patented key fob duplication process in minutes, with backup code emailed to you as well as a lifetime warranty covering our service, to ensure perfect functionality, years into the future.