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duplicate your keys at your favorite local stores with minutefob! 

Looking for an affordable and convenient key cutting service in the GTA? MinuteFob has you covered! We partner with local businesses to provide our key cutting services at a fraction of the cost of traditional building management fees.

About 50% or more of our current partners cut keys along with fobs and can help you solve your access needs by visiting their home partner stores. Get a copy with a guarantee they work, all within a few minutes (roughly should take 5 to 10 minutes to get the job done). 

We offer a wide selection of models to choose from that includes more than 30 key types. 

Our inventory includes models such as SC1, SC4, SC9, KW1, WR5, WR4, Mailbox Keys, and much more! 

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Some Of The Keys We Copy

SC1 key
SC4 Key
WR5 Key
KW1 key
LA key
XC Key

key cutting in toronto

Why Minute Fob Key Copy in Toronto?

30+ Models Supported

We support 30+ key models and this continues to rise every day! Supported models include SC1, SC4, KW1, WR4, WR5, and more!

Guaranteed to Work

We’ll guarantee it works as intended just as your original does. Our key copying machine traces your original key for a perfect cloning service. 

Refundable if Non-Working

You’ll get a money back guarantee if you bring our product back if it doesn’t work, any time, any place.

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Where To Get My Key Made in Toronto?

You can get your keys duplicated with any of the following partners:

  • Affordable Lock (Markham)
  • Royal Variety (Ottawa)
  • Convenience Canada (Downtown Toronto West/ Liberty Village)
  • Queens Quay Convenience (Downtown Toronto, Bathurst Quay)
  • Spring Garden Convenience (North York)
  • Professional Shoe Repair (Richmond Hill)
  • New York Hardware & Locksmith (New York Manhattan, USA)
  • Beehive Shoe Works (Chicago, USA)
  • Central Lock & Safe (Washington DC, USA)
  • Mitchell's Lock & Safe (Philadelphia, USA)


Ready to Copy Your Keys in Toronto?

Let's get your keys copied using our top-technology within minutes, today!