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Get your condo or apartment key fob duplicated in a minute with genuine RFID chips used for guaranteed functionality. Come by to one of our partner stores to visit and get your fob copied.

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Fob Clone service Pricing

Key Fob Duplication Pricing

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Fob Key Copying Rates to Save You Hundreds

Why Minute Fob?

85+ Models Supported

HID, AWID, Indala, IoProx, KeyScan.

Free Backup Code

Always make extra fob copies.

Back of Remotes

To access your building the same way.

High Frequency Fobs

Compatible, or get remote copying services at FobToronto.


100% Accuracy

We decode every digit for perfect functionality.

Lifetime Warranty

Any issues with your fob? Contact us and we'll make it right.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does RFID Work?

Any questions about how RFID works as well please let us know, we’ll be happy to answer anything you’d like, or visit our blog article to learn more.


Will it Work?

Yes, lifetime warranty covers it except code changes by management or physical damage shown on the fob. If we messed up however, we'll replace / refund right away. 

How Much Do You Charge?

$40 for any traditional, standard fob. Other ones like iClass, MiFare, or Remote copying, will be more upon inquiry, since it requires upgraded hardware, and expertise.

Are You a Key cutting business?

Expand Your Business by Copying Key Fobs.

Partner with us and we'll work together to expand your offering with all the above fob models to your current customers and beyond. 

80+ Key Fob Models Supported

24/7 Support to Ensure Afterservice Needs Met

8+ Years Experience in Fob Duplication

Bonus Offering initially upon partnership

"The services were great and extremely fast! No problems with the fobs it all works great."

Emily - SaveonFobs

"Top notch service from the staff here. The entire process was seamless from beginning to end. Prices are reasonable, process was very fast, and very convenient. Highly recommended!."

Jessica - SaveonFobs

"Excellent service. The guys here we're very helpful in getting my fobs made fast. Definitely recommending this place to my friends."

Sai - SaveonFobs

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Downtown Toronto

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North York Location

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Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver based key fob and remote copying service in BC

Expand your services

Add standard key fob copying services to your metal key cutting business to give your customers the most value and convenience, at an affordable price. Lowest prices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and more!

Easy to use

We provide professionally designed hardware and software to copy condo and apartment RFID Keys onto a new fob copy. 

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Let's get your key fob copied using our key fob duplication process in minutes, today.