Apartment Key Fob Copy Kiosk

MinuteFob is partnered with local services in your city. Simply visit the closest store partner to get your fob copied in minutes. Not sure if your fob can be cloned? Please check out the key fob copy checker page to try and get a better idea!

MinuteFob Condo Key Fob Copy Kiosk

We also provide key cutting service at select partner stores

How our RFID Clone Service Works

Get a clone of your apartment fob copy with a quick scan of your own key fob to decode to clone into a brand new fob today.

Check out the key copy prices of our services.

Get our electronic key fob copy services and get it fast in minutes.
We do it securely with our encrypted technology. 
Our 30-Day warranty ensures that your work will be done perfectly.
We support and copy more than 85 models; you'll not waste time searching.
We use genuine RFID fob units unlike other providers via our partners.
We provide a fob key code in case you lose your fob.



RFID Key Fob Replacement Service

Get a second fob, quickly.

make an extra RFID tag along with condo key cutting as well at select stores.


30 Day Warranty Included

100% money back guarantee to ensure perfect functionality with the RFID code. Check out our FAQ if curious!

Takes 2 Minutes!

it'll be copied instantly with our RFID fob duplication software at a store near you - walk ins welcome!

check out the partner stores working with us

Minute Fob's Near You

Here are just some of our partners who have a key fob copying service in their convenience store, locksmith, etc. below for your convenience:

Queen's Quay Convenience
C Stores (393 King St. E)
Convenience Canada (31 Lisgar)
Spring Garden Convenience (NY)
Affordable Lock (Markham)
Royal Variety (Ottawa)

Where Can I Get a Fob Copied, You Ask?

Search "fob copy near me" on Google in Your City!

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Ready To Get Key Duplication Service?

Visit our store today to get it done in minutes, or partner up with us.

Minute Fob duplicates all types of keys for apartments, condos, offices and all types of buildings. 

We clone 85+ models with a key maker kiosk at convenience stores and hardware shops. Our locksmith partners allow full convenience to get your apartment fob copy service as well as your keys and/or other needed items at your favourite local store. You can also shop for garage remotes and key blanks online.

Visit a Key Fob Copy Kiosk

We have many locations in multiple cities near you. Visit your closest locksmith location to get your work done in a matter of minutes. For less.

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Highly Secure Copies. 100% Guaranteed.

Visit your nearest locksmith today and enjoy better access using our key programming tool and service designed to clone in minutes. Promising durable products and an official 100% refundable policy. Stop overpaying and make a decision!