Remote Copying Services

Get your garage remote copied or get pre-programmed remotes in bulk for less than your current supplier.

1-Year Warranty Included

Save hundreds of dollars

Works exactly like your remote

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Why Get an Extra Remote?

Get a copy of your remote or order bulk quantities for your building with us and save hundreds.

100% Guaranteed to Work

We pride ourselves in providing the best key fob copying service before and after the appointment. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and 5 star reviews in both Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, and more. Guaranteed or your money back.

Get Pre-Programmed Remotes for your Building

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars not dealing with your key fob supplier currently, as they have forced their clientele to upgrade. Fortunately, we have a different solution that's aftermarket, and can provide bulk deals for less. Shipped to your building within days.

Stronger Reading With Upgraded Models

We duplicate remotes or have them programmed and most often they work better than the original remote. Accessing gates, parking areas, etc. are even easier and more reliable long term with our state of the art remotes that work with advanced hardware and software. 


Remote Supply Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Ask Us

Will it work?

Yes it will work exactly as promised, copied from your original remote, or pre-programmed for your building for large scale use by submitting your own codes for access.

Does it Look the Same?

No, it will look different in a black casing. It will work exactly as your current remote however digitally.

Can I come back for a refund if it doesn't work?

Yes, but it can't show any physical damage within the 1 year period. 

Do you do the remote supplying?

FobToronto will do it, so you can visit their website and send them an email about your inquiry. 

Where can it be used for?

For copying your current remotes' functionality to do the exact same access for the respective gates for entry plus the elevator / main doors with the fob. It all depends on the access for each building.

Why should I get remotes from you?

KeyScan is one of the largest suppliers and they've discontinued support for their remotes that you may be using.

\We offer an aftermarket solution to allow you to program your own remotes based on your UCC code to be able to issue access to your security team as well as for tenants at a mass scale for less. 

How Can I Pay?

Credit, paypal, or e-transfers work for us at Please email us prior to let us know what quantity you'd like to order based on our pricing table.

Where Can I Get a Fob Copied, You Ask?

Search "fob copy near me" on Google in Your City!

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Ready To Go?

Let's get you started to get you your brand new remotes to be used for your building.

Get Remotes from FobToronto

Get a Remote Copied

Get your remote copied 10 am to 7 pm (11 am to 6 pm on Sundays) without appointment needed or email to check if compatible.

Get Pre-Programmed Remotes

Ask about pre-programmed remotes and ask about pricing for respective quantities and any questions about functionality. 

1-Year Warranty Included

Rest assured knowing your new remotes will work perfectly with our customer service always available for any after service needs or questions to be answered.