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      To access your building the same way (without a trace).

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      Compatible, or get remote copying services at FobToronto or FobCouver.


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      How Does RFID Work?

      Any questions about how RFID works as well please let us know, we’ll be happy to answer anything you’d like, or visit our blog article to learn more. Keep in mind we can do the RFID portions but not the remote button portions nor car remotes / fobs. Some fobs are entirely are incompatible remotes too.


      Will it Work?

      Yes, lifetime warranty covers it except code changes by management or physical damage shown on the fob. If we messed up however, we'll replace / refund right away. 

      How Much Do You Charge?

      $40 plus taxes for any traditional, standard fob. Other ones like iClass, MiFare, or Remote copying, will be more upon inquiry, since it requires upgraded hardware, and expertise.

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      Expand Your Business by Copying Key Fobs.

      Partner with us and we'll work together to expand your offering with all the above fob models to your current customers and beyond. 

      80+ Key Fob Models Supported

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      8+ Years Experience in Fob Duplication

      Bonus Offering initially upon partnership

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      About MinuteFob Copy Service

      We started our key fob copy service in select cities in the US and Canada because we found that there were a lot of buildings, high rises in downtown centers to have a lot of key fob use to access the amenities. 

      By using our knowledge on RFID key fob duplication and expertise in cloning via programming skills, we wanted to create a standalone key fob cloning kiosk that can duplicate fobs for customers at customers' favourite stores that they go on a daily basis. 

      Whether it's in hardware stores, convenience stores, key cutting shops, etc. we wanted to make it ubiquitous to duplicate an RFID tag in minutes with utmost convenience at much, much less than the building management makes it out to be. Not to mention their restrictive rules of being able to have an extra key fob in case the owner of the unit, or tenant, may need it for even emergency purposes. Even for friends, family, and more it may be extremely helpful to have a spare key fob, instead of being denied by management unless they have official documentation about who will be using the key fob on a regular basis. 

      To top it off the limitation of the number of key fobs for the number of bedrooms for a unit may reduce the living quality of the tenant, and our mission is to provide a new solution to be able to solve that problem externally. 

      Check the store locator above with your location to check where your nearest MinuteFob Kiosk is so that you can grab groceries, along with anything else you may need such as key cutting in the general vicinity / area to copy your fob along with your other needed products this week!

      We're so excited to get you your key fob duplicated in a matter of minutes today, in your very own city, with a 30-Day guarantee that it will work.

      Copy your condo, apartment or office key fob today! You won't regret it and we promise you'll be satisfied with our quick and easy service. 


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